best books on addiction recovery

Why else would I have been mesmerized by When a Man Loves a Woman or 28 Days in my early 20s? These movies and books let me know I was not alone, that there were other people walking around who drank like I did. I had to read this book in small doses because it was so intense. Through reading this book I came to better understand myself, my body’s physical reactions, and my mental health. It’s a tough book to read due to the descriptions of horrific traumas people have experienced, however it’s inspirational in its message of hope.

Terry: Daughter’s Struggle Memoir by George McGovern

For these reasons, in many addiction memoirs the end is the weakest part. A book that can help people suffering from substance use disorders and an emotional or psychiatric illness to better understand the 12 Step program and help the addiction recovery process. It brings you closer to the ways substance abuse and mental psychiatric disorders are intortwined, while offering a very realistic and empathetic solutions for recovery. “The Dual Disorders Recovery Book” is based on science, but so well-written that it can explain even more complicated states of mental health problems even to people who are not afflicted with dual diagnosis. In his book “Believable Hope”, Michael Cartwright shares the five (5) essential elements you need to beat any addiction. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, suffering from prolonged depression or weight gain, this book offers the methodology of five (5) core elements that have helped tens of thousands of people over the years.

  • In the realm of addiction and recovery, there are several inspiring narratives that offer hope and insight into the journey of overcoming addiction.
  • Whitaker’s book offers a road map of non-traditional options for recovery.
  • Describing an emotional roller coaster, author Amanda Andruzzi wrote her “Hope Street” memoir to provide insight into what it’s like to live with an addict and be a co-addict.
  • “The Dual Disorders Recovery Book” is based on science, but so well-written that it can explain even more complicated states of mental health problems even to people who are not afflicted with dual diagnosis.
  • Author Michael Dash, entrepreneur and recovering drug addict, draws many parallels between his life pursuing business success and his obsession with gambling, which caused him to bottom out.

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One of the first of its kind, Drink opens our eyes to the connection between drinking, trauma and the impossible quest to ‘have it all’ that many women experience. Ann Dowsett Johnston masterfully weaves personal story, interviews, and sociological research together to create a compelling, informative, and even heartbreaking reality about drinking and womanhood. Written with courage and candor this book leaves you ready to push against a society suggesting alcohol is the solution to women’s problems. I will read anything Clare Pooley writes simply because she is a magical storyteller.

Qualities of Effective Addiction Treatment Centers

best books on addiction recovery

Dash also developed a drug addiction before he cleaned up and embarked on the road to recovery. This is a highly instructive read for anyone grappling with an addictive personality and a tendency to overindulge. Dash explains strategies and routines that helped him refocus and find recovery from his addictions. In “Being Sober,” you benefit from author Harry Haroutounian’s expertise at the forefront of recovery and addiction treatment. Haroutounian worked as the physician director at the world-famous Betty Ford Clinic. This book contains plenty of actionable advice and it gives you a blueprint for recovery without the prescriptive nature of a 12-step program.

best books on addiction recovery

“Sober for Good” offers alternatives to AA (in case you find AA not cut out for you), provides support so you can recover on your own and without calling yourself an alcoholic. In this book you can get inspired by the success stories of other people who have walked the same path. A key component of addiction recovery is a commitment to sobriety. This commitment involves best alcoholic memoirs the willingness to make changes and adopt healthier habits. It requires individuals to take responsibility for their actions, seek support, and develop coping mechanisms to navigate challenges that may arise along the way. When it comes to addiction and recovery, it’s important to recognize that it is a lifelong process that requires dedication and commitment.

Here are some of the best books related to drug and alcohol use disorders.

All in all, “Survivors Of Addiction” examines the healing process, by getting deep into the WHY’s and HOW’s of addiction recovery. If you are interested in rationally observing the minds of addicts, this book is for you. Easy to follow, these thoughtful and profound explorations into the voices of addiction recovery are an essential reading for anyone who wants to get their head around addiction issues. These personal stories provide insight, empathy, and inspiration to those navigating the difficult path of addiction and recovery.

best books on addiction recovery

Lifechanging Books on Addiction and Recovery

If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Simply select your manager software from the list below and click Download.For more information or tips please see ‘Downloading to a citation manager’ in the Help menu. We ask experts to recommend the five best books in their subject and explain their selection in an interview. Writers approach historical fiction from many different angles, explains the novelist Paul Carlucci—whose new, evocative novel is set in colonial-era Canada.

  • This was the first book I read on this subject, and I instantly could relate to her feelings.
  • Nic believed that he’d be able to get out of the grasp of addiction at any time he wanted, but he was wrong.
  • This is an approachable recipe book using everyday healthy ingredients to make delicious alcohol-free drinks for every occasion.
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The techniques described in “Recovery and Renewal” can help you through the acute stages of prescription drug withdrawal and make you less anxious while going through the process. People interested in the social, medical, and cultural aspects of drinking alcohol should pick up this book. The book approaches “drunkenness” and “intoxication” from a fresh and interdisciplinary perspective. “Expressions of Drunkenness” is a dense and fascinating look into how throughout history, humanity has used and related to one another (as well as self) via drinking alcohol. Taking past socio-cultural factors in mind, this book will advance your current understanding of the individual and collective meanings, purposes, and functions of drunkenness.

best books on addiction recovery

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